A potted history of Mr Pott

I've been lucky. I was born in Britain, lived in America, Nigeria, Germany, Oman, Belgium and Israel. I've been educated at Atlantic College, Edinburgh and Birmingham. I've worked for Sema, Concern Worldwide, Imperial Consultants and Capgemini.

Drupal history

Why Drupal? Well when I started at Imperial Consultants we needed to build a website for a European Union funded science project. I had heard of Joomla and Wordpress but wanted a third CMS for comparison. Google led me to Drupal and the rest is history!

The science project wanted to store everything in word documents and so I looked at integrating with Knowledge Tree which led me to contribute to http://drupal.org/project/kt and haimoura was kind enough to make a co-maintainer! CVS access by the well used backdoor.

My first DrupalCon was Paris in 2009 the buzz was amazing and I even met Dries in the toilet! I haven't missed a DrupalCon since - although San Fransisco was mad due to the ash cloud... I missed the conference but made in to the sprint! The DrupalCon sprints have been where I've felt the value of contributing to Drupal. At Denver in 2012 I was really keen to meet heyrocker to talk about the Configuration Management initiative (CMI) for Drupal 8. My experience of working on the Royal Mail project for Capgemini had convinced me that CMI would be a huge win. One thing lead to another and since then I tried to regular contribute to the initiative and Drupal 8.

Computer history

Computers have been part of my life a long time. The first my family had was a Tandy TRS-80 and I spent hours playing Doubleback and Dungeons of Dagorrath. I first learnt to programme on a BBC micro in Basic - of course I developed a healthy addiction to Elite. A Comodore Amiga followed and I discovered computer generated music with Deluxe Music. In 1995, I got my first 486 and discovered a new way of generating sample based music. I fell in love with Fasttracker 2 and then Jeskola's Buzz whilst my gaming addiction was sated with Championship Manager. Throughout the noughties I built various desktops running Windows and several flavours of desktop Linux.

In 2010 I went macbook pro and this is what I'm writing on now.